To who?

The services of STN Capital are directed to clients, usually in the following segments:

- Medium-Sized Companies, Family and high growth
- Venture Capital and Investors Financial
- Management Teams (MBO's and MBI's)
- Family Offices
- Shareholders private
- Enterprise and Financial Institutions
- International Groups
- Public Entities



STN Capital offers its clients financial advisory and deal execution services in a wide range of industries and transactions.

Our services include:

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments

including advice on structuring and executing acquisitions, divestures, mergers, joint ventures, spin-offs, leveraged buyouts, search for partners and corporate defences, solving problems with shareholders, succession in family companies

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Financial Advisory Services

not necessarily linked to a specific transaction, including valuation, analysis of capital structure, sector and business analysis, project viability studies, restructuring and financing options.

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Capital markets

including advice on initial public offerings, private placements and presentations to analysts and institutional investors and listing sponsor service.

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The scope of our services include:
- Generation of ideas;
- Identification of opportunities;
- Design of transactions;
- Valuation of companies and selection of potential buyers, sellers and investors;
- Preparation of transaction documents;
- Management of transaction processes, and
- Coordenação global de outros assessores envolvidos;
- Negotiation and closing of deals.


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